Almeer ‘s safety performance is consistently on the high end which we believe is achieved through the continuous involvement of senior management and the high commitment of our skilled workforce. Almeer always stresses upon developing a strong safety work culture and delivering superior safety performance which we achieve by employing dedicated and engaged safety leadership. Almeer continually work towards the goal of zero injuries, illnesses and incidents throughout projects. Our specialized training programs emphasize personal and construction safety. Almeer always emphasizes on working safely as a condition of employment, and each employee has the right to stop any job they believe to be unsafe.

Our improvement in safety performance has resulted in a significantly improved working environment,but Almeer believes that continuous lookout for improvement is required in our diverse working environment.Almeer endeavors to be a learning organization and always encourages the reporting of both actual incidents and near misses.Irrespective that a near miss is an event without immediate consequences, Almeer understands that it could have resulted in serious consequences and hence implements immediate corrective actions to address the root cause in order to eliminate recurrence.Almeer has implemented QHSE Management Systems in our business to identify and eliminate work hazards and risks. Our QHSE management system is built on the principle that all incidents are preventable and that QHSE considerations must be embedded into every task and business decision. QHSE Management Systems a reassessed annually using a common tool to guide continuous improvement and ultimately achieve the highest standards of excellence.


Our Strength is our People. The Almeer family has more than 3000 people spread out in our various Divisions and they are our most valuable asset. The competence of our people always gives us a competitive edge over others and ensures that our deliverables surpass the client’s expectations.

With the workforce spread around four countries, Almeer believes that an organized but humanitarian attitude towards the workforce is important and hence always keeps senior management involvement in Human Resource related activities. Our recruitment policies reflect the importance we give in maintaining diverse communities in our workforce.

We are committed to the development of good workforce which is reflected in recruitment practices through recruitment of a good number of trainees in all disciplines and all levels of workforce.

Almeer believes in providing a cordial and conducive working environment which is demonstrated by high interaction of management executives within the workforce.


Almeer Technical Services Company Engineering & Projects Division (Almeer EPC DIVISION) understands the importance of giving proper consideration to protecting the environment and is committed to conducting operations which minimize environmental impact.
The environmental considerations are incorporated into a project right from the  planning stage to ensure that the management commitments towards environment are properly reflected. All new Engineering & Construction projects include an environmental impact assessment study with the help of experts in the field.

Almeer is committed to identifying aspects of our business that have an impact on the environment and understands those environmental laws that are relevant to our situation. As part of Almeer commitment towards environment we have developed objectives for improvement and a management program to achieve them, with regular reviews for continual improvement.

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