Fabrication Workshop

Almeer was established in 1978 as mainly an EPC contracting and maintenance services company offering a wide range of services and engineering solutions to the oil & Gas . Petrochemical , Power sector and other major industries .

In 1997 as a part of Maintenance Service Almeer has set up a Valve repair & testing workshop and a Calibration shop in Ahmadi equipped with state of art testing and Calibration Equipment .

Iso Certification
The Calibration and Valve Maintenance Services for Almeer in is in line with and certified to ISO -9001 Quality Management .

The Service Team
Almeer’s main aim is to build a strong caring relationship with clients by offering economical and long lasting solutions Our comprehensive range of services are all backed by qualified and experience team of engineering support and trained technicians in all disciplines within the industry .


The Calibration of instruments are carried out by master test equipment tremble to NAMAS & NIST standards . We supply test certificate and calibration tag for every instrument we calibrate .

The calibration services are offered to following instruments

  • Pressure & Vacuum Gauges , Indicators Controllers , Recorders and Switches
  • Temperature Measuring Instruments comprising of Temperature Gauges
  • TRD & Thermocouples , Switches and thermometers.
  • Electrical & Electronics Instruments compressing of Voltmeters , ammeters , clampon Meters ( current ) Megger ( High Voltage ) Insulation testers decade resistance box current calibrator loop calibrator
  • Analytical Instruments comprising of Ph , Density TDS, Viscosity and refractrometer
  • Vernier calipers micrometers Dial Gauges
  • Height depth & Torque Wrench
  • Level Transmitter & Switches
  • Fire & Gas Detectors
  • Flow Indicators Controllers
  • Trouble shooting & repair of Electronic cards


Our advanced Lapping equipment can be used either on –site or in our workshop facility the lapping equipment comprise the following

  • Stationary Grinding & Lapping Machine .
  • Stationary Flat Lapping Machine.
  • Portable Lapping Machine .

With the use of above equipment , the damaged seating surfaces on the nozzle and disc are lapped and machined as per API seat leak standards Valve Test Facilities

Valve Test Bench

A fully automated computerized test bench with all the accessories capable of testing & setting of most types of valves including Gate , Globe .Check , Plug Butterfly , safety relief valve , Control Valves ,ON/OFF valves & Mechanical valves of size from 1/4 to 16 is used for testing valves to the International standard API 527. Safety Relief Vavle :- A valve test rig with test console suitable for testing of safety relief valves sizes up to 8″ with all the accessories suitable for Pop testing & Seat leak testing of valves with inlet sizes up to 8″ and air pressure up to 225 bar .

Our specialized services include:

  • Installation & commissioning GAS Analyzer .Lquid Analyzer .
  • Tank Gauging system .
  • Fire & Gas Detection System
  • Auto Sampling. Includes Heat trace Lines Sample conditioning system .
  • We also have the capability of Integrating custom built panels , Relay cabinets. Marshalling cabinets , Enclosures for Analyzers.

What can Almeer do for you?